August 30, 2013

A face is like a work of art; it deserves a great frame. And this, my friends, is a great frame. The "Hum" from L.A. Eyeworks (artists inspire their optical imagination, and great glasses are the manifestation) has been fashioned completely to our patient's liking: state of the art, digitally surfaced progressive lenses (Esslior's 4D S Design) as well as a hand-customized, polarized sunglass clip that includes a purple mirror tint, topped off with rose colored Swarovski crystals. Looking for...

August 29, 2013

The brands J.F. Rey and Boz evokes an individual style, modern design and innovation. J.F. Rey and Boz frames don't have to worry about fashion: they announce loud and strong their willingness to express their character from the frame front to the end of the temples. Using laser cut and natural materials, J.F. Rey and Boz frames are always uniquely you. The following link will take you to our Facebook photo album so you can see what's coming soon!!


August 22, 2013

Have a look at all the newest, most fashionable styles from Anne et Valentin!! Not only are these frames handmade, we choose by hand which styles we want to have displayed in our office. If you are looking for cutting edge style or traditional classics, Anne et Valentin has a frame to fit every need or want for every wearer. The link below directs you to our Facebook photo album where you can view new styles and the process we use to choose our frames.



August 16, 2013

Why should you wear sunwear?

1) Each year, 3 million people go blind from UV exposure

2) 1 out of 5 cataracts may be due to UV exposure

3) UV is everywhere and is reflected by many surfaces whatever the weather

4) 88% of people are sensitive to bright light

5) Glare contributes to an increased risk of accidents while driving

August 14, 2013

Join us at Eyewearhaus, Inc as we view the newest additions to the J.F. Rey collection starting at 3:00pm on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013! 

You will get a sense of individual style along with modern design and innovation.  J.F. Rey frames announce loud and strong, your willingness to express your character.  Let us help you evolve in this creative universe of constant movement with this new collection.

Shown above is BZUNION by J.F. Rey.  This black, white, and panther frame...