How to Clear the Fog from Your Eyewear

Trichel shows you how to clear the eyewear fog when wearing a mask

Wearing a mask can be frustrating. They can be hot, uncomfortable, and overall unflattering. When you add your fabulous eyewear you expect that your problems will melt away, but you’re only greeted with LENS FOG! The “New Normal” definitely brings “New Problems”. Your trusty Fashionistas have been working hard to find ways of combating the…

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We’re Open!

Eyewearhaus is open again

Local officials have notified us that is safe to reopen for business again. We have made some changes to the office that we would like share with you. Here is what to expect upon your next visit. The Current office Hours are Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM We are Currently Offering an Abbreviated Shopping Experience with…

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Eyewearhaus Rocks with Unique Styles

Martha Rocks in Her Unique Eyewear from Eyewearhaus

Martha was a lead singer in a rock-and-roll band.  She had the voice. She had all the moves. She knew how to rock.  But she didn’t have the unique look that reflected her rockin’ style… …until she got her custom eyewear from Eyewearhaus.  “When I first visited Eyewearhaus, I was the lead female Vocalist for…

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Curbside Eyeglasses Repair and Home Delivery for Contact Lenses

We're open for Curbside Eyeglasses Repair and Home Delivery for Contact Lenses

It’s been four weeks since we turned off the neon “open” sign in our store window because of the government mandated shutdown, but we’re still open for essential business.  For Eyeglass Repair/Replacement or to Reorder Contacts Lenses, please call us at 314-567-7423 Michael and I come in every weekday from 9 to 2. If you…

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World Travelers Know: eyewearhaus is Best on Earth

Before travel ground to a halt, Christina used to journey the globe. Everywhere she went, she popped into eyewear boutiques in search of new wardrobe statements. “I love my eyewear because I like to express different aspects of my personality,” she told us. She searched high and low, from Tuscaloosa to Timbuktu. Try as she…

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