Anglo American

Founded in 1882 in London, Anglo American Optical Company is a truly historic eyewear brand. They were around long before it was even possible to mass manufacture frames. Each pair was started from scratch as a hand drawn design. Then each frame was meticulously cut and individually inspected to ensure the highest quality. That’s the way they liked it and so did all of their customers.

​Fast forward about 125 years and not much has changed. Anglo American Optical is still hand crafting their top-notch eyewear; each design hand drawn by top designers. What’s different is that now Anglo American Optical has more than a century of experience and has grown into an international success by bringing their old-fashioned style to the masses.

​Handcrafted frames are where Anglo American Optical has always hung their hat and that doesn’t stop at their own designs. If you have a pair of glasses that you need duplicated for any reason, broken, discontinued or otherwise, they can make you a new pair the old fashioned way.

The Style of Anglo American

Anglo American Optical style is decidedly, well, Anglo; meaning that they have stuck to their London roots. Picture James Bond. Now picture him in his reading glasses. Odds are you’re picturing the Anglo American Optical style. Now picture Queen Elizabeth. You guessed it. She’s wearing the Anglo style too.

​Anglo American Optical glasses are manufactured in a variety of materials. AAO uses the highest quality zyl for its durability, flexibility, and ability to bring out colors. Another common frame material is cellulose acetate, a hypoallergenic, cotton blend that is known for being highly resistant to cracking. Anglo American Optical also carries metal frames from a variety of alloys that include stainless steel, copper, titanium and nickel.

Anglo American Features

Anglo American Optical Company offers thousands of choices divided into three main collections that are sure to please.


Frames that stay true to the days of yesteryear. These are the tried and true designs that will never go out of style. Wear them with formal or casual attire. Either way you’re sure to impress.


Old fashioned styles with a modern day twist. Tortoise shell, clear crystal, autumn leaf shell, amber laminate and more.


Designed for classic style and optimal eye protection. Each pair comes standard with CV39 lenses with UV400 protection.