Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Michelle Burghart

Hello Eyewearhaus Family & Friends,
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr. Michelle Burghart, the proud new owner of Eyewearhaus. Michael Harris and I having been working tirelessly together to enable him to retire and facilitate the evolution of Eyewearhaus. If you all know Michael, you know that he is humble, diligent and the perfect gentleman. He will continue to make appearances, so please congratulate him on his success at establishing such a unique, charming, and successful business. He and his lovely wife, Wendy, have been beyond supportive during this process.

So, a little story about myself that I would like to share. My family and I moved here from Florida over five years ago and never looked back. I graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry (Go IU)! I have always dreamed of establishing my own boutique practice. Just when I thought it was a dream unrealized, serendipity happened, and I met Michael. I was enchanted by Eyewearhaus. I embrace the value of creating a special experience for excellence in eye care, coupled with a personalized selection of unique eyewear that fits each individual’s story. The ladies and gentlemen of Eyewearhaus live and breathe this philosophy as I have witnessed myself.

I promise to continue the legacy that Michael has established. I cannot wait to meet you and hear your personal story. Please stop by to meet me and say hello to your Eyewearhaus friends.

Dr. Michelle Burghart