A Good Eyewear Wardrobe Removes The Stress; Just Ask Glenn and Lisa!

I was having a conversation with a client the other day.

We were working together to pick out her next fabulous pair of eyewear. Everything looked fantastic on her for one reason or another. She finally turned to me and said “ Sylvia, I have to be really picky about my glasses because I want it to go with everything I wear.” I started to go over her eyewear collection with her. Naming off different pairs that had a certain look about them and the situations they would work with.

(Yes, we know our clients so well we memorize their collections.)

Finally I said “ With the collection you are working with you could possibly go with a pair that is a bit more daring; if that’s something you wanted to do. You have a very extensive collection that you could rotate the frames as you need for different looks.”

Suddenly the dread of finding a new pair of eyewear, that would work with EVERYTHING, wasn’t so pressing.

Having a well maintained Eyewear Wardrobe is a beautiful thing!

Eyewear is quite possibly the MOST important accessory we could wear. It’s the first thing people see and it assists us in seeing the world. Pretty important if you ask me. Just like with any accessory we want it to compliment our ensemble; that’s why we have several options of watches, bracelets, and shoes.

Just like you have options of other accessories you should also have options of eyewear. Options for when you feel funky, sexy, or professional. Options for the workplace, vacations, and glamorous events.

These Two Have The Right Idea!

Glenn and Lisa are the PERFECT examples of knowing the benefits of having an Eyewear Wardrobe. Whether they are off to the beach or to a Ball they will always have the perfect accessories to compliment any occasion.

Just take a look at their choices! Fun and Funky Fabulous Fanny and OGI (Pictured at Top of Page) and Classic with Lindberg and Kame Manen.

Be like Glenn and Lisa have a well balanced Eyewear Wardrobe.

Thinking About Starting Your Eyewear Collection?

Eyewear Wardrobes take time to create! When you’re ready to create you’re Eyewear Wardrobe, our Fashionistas will be here to help!