5 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyewear

I have been an optician for several years and I have seen just about every case of eyewear damage that you can imagine — from scratched lenses to frames completely mangled.

Some accidents are unavoidable; we opticians understand that.

But with proper care, you can avoid eyewear damage.

Here are 5 tips to take PROPER care of your eyewear!

Clean Lenses Properly

Do not use shirt tails or paper products (including the pre-moistened lens cleaning towelettes). Those will damage your lenses.

We recommend using gentle dish soap and water to clean lenses. Simply wet eyewear, use a dab of dish soap on fingers, work a lather on lenses, rinse and dry with a MICRO FIBER CLOTH or 100% Cotton cloth.

That old Hane’s T Shirt gets a new life as you can cut it up into hand sized squares and keep them all over the house!

Keep Eyewear In Its Case

Just remember this little rhyme. “When your glasses are not on your face, put them in the case”.

Beware Of Dog

Fido loves us, and we love Fido. Fido also LOVES our eyewear! I have seen many pairs of eyewear completely destroyed by our furry friend. It’s just best to keep your eyewear out of reach.


You just sat on your eyewear and they are slightly bent. You think “I’ll just bend it back!”

Next thing you know: “SNAP!” Your eyewear is broken, and you’re in a worse place than when you began!

Please don’t adjust your own eyewear; that’s what opticians are for.

We have special techniques, tools, and experience in handling the high-end eyewear we offer.

Regularly Have Your Eyewear Serviced

You wouldn’t go an extended period without having your car serviced. Why would you do that to your eyewear?

Bring your eyewear to us every several months for servicing. We will give them a deep clean, point out any flaws on the lenses, and do any adjustments they may need.

This keeps the eyewear in working order and can help to avoid any potential eyewear blunders down the road…

…and it will keep your eyewear and YOU looking great.