4 Issues To Consider When Shopping For Eyewear Online

Eyewear can be costly.

So, I completely understand how enticing Online Eyewear can be. 

They are fashionable and very inexpensive.

But…..that is about it.

Online Eyewear doesn’t have the best reputation in the Optical Industry. 

But, if you decide to give it a go, we highly encourage you to take a look at our list of

“5 Issues To Consider When Purchasing Eyewear Online.”

The RX is rarely correct.

Eyeglass prescriptions can be confusing to read.

That is why professionals should be the ones to handle them. 

With online shopping, you are entering the prescription and measurements onto the website to have eyewear made. 

There are a few issues with this. 

Even with adequate instruction, it can be easy to accidentally enter a number incorrectly.

Which would result in eyewear that is difficult to see through. 

Even perfectly entered prescriptions have been made completely incorrect. 


Because these online companies are making glasses at high rates with little care of the final product. 

For example; I have seen prescription lenses put into a frame backwards!

Poor quality material.

Lower pricing equals lower-quality materials.

Material quality is important because this factors into the durability of your frame.

The difference between premium materials and low-quality materials is durability, adjustment, and longevity.

Low-quality eyewear is made of injectable Zyl material and nickel-based metals. 

these materials can break easily, don’t hold adjustment well, and have a short lifespan. 

High-quality eyewear is made of premium acetates and premiums metals. 

These materials have a reputation of being very sturdy, adjust and hold adjustment beautifully, and can last for years.

When it comes to eyewear material you truly get what you pay for!

Improper fit.

I have to admit; the frames that I’ve seen online are REALLY cute! 

Couple a cute frame with tempting pricing and I can completely understand the drive to purchase glasses online. 

However, cute does not always equal proper fit. 

Without being able to try the eyewear on there is no way of knowing how frame will fit you or your prescription.

I know many are thinking “So what if the frame is a little small/or large.” 

Not only will an ill fitting frame cause headaches and slipping issues.  

But, it can also cause issues with how the lenses will or won’t work. 

Too big can result in unnessicarly thick lenses.

Too small and you can have distortion.

Sizing issues can be avoided by shopping with a trained optician. 

No “Actual Person” to go to for problems.

Online purchases have no actual person to go to with any problems that you may have. 

What sort of problems could you possibly run into?

Headaches, bad fit, can’t see with them…just to name a few. 

Who do you go to with these problems? 

You could go to any optical shop, however, many will not work on eyewear from online retailers.

The main reason being; the lack of durability of these frames.

No optician wants to break a frame.

Still, thinking about shopping online?

As we can see shopping online can come with some unexpected issues.

Our jobs as opticians is to inform and educate.

This allows our clients to make the best decision they can for their lifestyle.

Whether online or in-store happy shopping!