3 Things To Do With Old Eyewear!

What do you do with all of your old eyewear?

Some people throw their old eyewear away. Others put them in the ,all too popular, junk drawer and end up forgetting about them.

True, the prescription has changed; but, that doesn’t mean they are no longer usable.

If your frame is in good shape then you have more options than you thought possible. Just take a look at “3 Things To Do With Your Old Eyewear”.

Put Them To Work.

Give you older eyewear new life and new purpose with tasks that you spend a great deal of time with; such as, reading, needle work, or computer work. When we spend a large amount of time doing one activity it is always worth having a pair of eyewear intended for that purpose.

A conversation with your optician will help you determine if having a task specific pair of eyewear would suit your life style.

Start An Eyewear Wardrobe!

Yes, if you love your frame and it is in good shape start an Eyewear Wardrobe and re-use it!

An Eyewear Wardrobe is a fantastic way to open your range of eyewear styles. Allowing you to have different eyewear for different events, moods, outfits, ect.

Our Fashionistas are always happy to inspect your eyewear, if you are unsure, to be absolutely certain that it is in good reusable condition.

Help Others!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

If you truly have no use for your older eyewear. Don’t throw them out; instead, you can donate them! Allow your eyewear to give the gift of sight to others less fortunate!

Our office currently partners with Lions Club of Creve Coeur, donating unwanted eyewear all over the world!

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