Our Continuing Commitment to Safety

Turkeys with Masks

The holiday season is upon us! Covid 19 has changed quite a bit this year — including how we celebrate the holidays.    But here’s one thing you can count on to always be the same: All of us at eyewearhaus™ will continue to do our very best to make you feel comfortable and safe…

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Unique Eyewear is Like Fine Whisky

Limited Edition Eyewear is like that first sip of Scotch; Bold, Rich, and Strong. At eyewearhaus™ we have an extensive selection of Limited Edition Collections. Each collection is just as unique as the regions that make their bold Whisky; they have their own flavor, presence, and spirit. Cheers! The vessel from which you consume whisky…

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When Limited Is What You Really Want!

Vickie in her Wissing Eyewear

Who wants to wear frames that everyone else is wearing? Vickie doesn’t. That’s why she — and others who like to be one-of-a-kind — choose eyewearhaus. Vickie’s favorite line is Wissing. She loves how every pair of Wissing eyewear is like no other. Each has a unique rainbow pattern. No two frames share the same…

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