How to Get Masterpiece Eyewear Without Busting the Budget

I love to go shopping! The atmosphere, trying on the clothes, imagining beautiful items in my home… …imagining beautiful unimaginable eyewear framing my face.   Then I hesitate and think of the budget.  We understand. We have budgets, too.  How can you make that beautiful eyewear a reality… …AND respect your budget? We have the answers: …

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How to Prevent Eye Strain

Woman rubbing eyes because she has eye strain

For many of us Covid-19’s “New Normal” has brought on more screen time. Many of us are working from home and many children are learning from home. These “New Normal“ changes have brought to the surface an ever evolving challenge: digital eye strain. What is Digital Eye Strain? In short, its eye fatigue and discomfort…

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Raul’s Eyewear Wardrobe Complements His Style

Photo of Raul

When you have interesting eyewear on people notice. You get stopped in a store, restaurant, and on the street. Ask Raul. He’ll tell you it’s happened to him. That figures. He has a great eyewear wardrobe — never boring, lots of variety. He could write the book: “How To Gracefully Take An Eyeglass Compliment!” (We’d…

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