How to Clear the Fog from Your Eyewear

Trichel shows you how to clear the eyewear fog when wearing a mask

Wearing a mask can be frustrating. They can be hot, uncomfortable, and overall unflattering. When you add your fabulous eyewear you expect that your problems will melt away, but you’re only greeted with LENS FOG! The “New Normal” definitely brings “New Problems”. Your trusty Fashionistas have been working hard to find ways of combating the…

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Faniel: Artistic Eyewear from a Multi-Talented Artist

“Live Your Life In Color!”  Classic Soprano Singer, Artist, and Eyewear designer Anne-Marie Faniel lives her life by these words! This is exactly why we at Eyewearhaus have fallen head over heals for her and her daring eyewear line!  Anne-Marie started her impressive music career studying at Conservatoire De Musique De Montreal under the direction…

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The New Normal at Eyewearhaus

Is your head spinning with all the changes the “New Normal” has brought on? Glad we are not the only ones!!! At Eyewearhaus we try to make things as simple as possible for our Eyewearhaus Family and Friends (That’s you!). Take a look as Sylvia brings you ALL the “Latest Updates”. Video Transcript Hi, this…

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